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The OES Demo application (OES Demo) provides a fictional online encyclopaedia that allows you to experience the frontend and the editorial layer of an exemplary application. OES Demo includes a basic online encyclopaedia administrated by the OES-customised WordPress admin dashboard and displayed by a OES WordPress theme.

See OES Demo for more information on different ways to use the demo, and on how to obtain the source code.

Disclaimer: Please note that the content of the OES demo encylopaedia was created merely for demonstrational purposes, it makes no claim of being correct and complete. Some articles describe prominent reference works (see Articles:Reference works),  others describe academic online encyclopaedias that have already been created using the OES framework (Articles:OES Applications).


Open Encyclopedia System

Freie Universität Berlin
Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) / University Library
Ihnestraße 24
14195 Berlin
URL: www.cedis.fu-berlin.de

Dr. Brigitte Grote, Maren Strobl (CeDiS)
Email (for questions related to the OES-Demo and its usage): info@open-encyclopedia-system.org
URL: https://www.open-encyclopedia-system.org/

OES Demo development

Software: Maren Strobl, Jörg-Michael Baur (CeDiS)
Design: Nadia el’Obaidi, Maren Strobl (CeDiS)
Content: Brigitte Grote, Maren Strobl (CeDiS); Article on ComDeG: Bart Soethaert