Please note:  The sole purpose of articles on prominent works of reference (section Articles:Reference Works) is to provide content for the sample encylopaedia, whereas articles in the section Articles:OES Applications  describe current OES applications.

Featured Article

Deutsches Wörterbuch

The Deutsches Wörterbuch (DWB) is the largest and most comprehensive dictionary of the German language with word meanings and references. The DWB was started by the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in 1838, and finished in 1961, after 123 years. A total of 32 volumes were produced. The revision began at the same time as the work on the first edition was completed. An online version of the DWB (Der Digitale Grimm) has been accessible since June 2002.

Latest OES Application

Several online reference works are realised using the OES framework, ranging from online encyclopaedia to online handbook. Find more about the existing applications in our exemplary articles.

DATA AFFAIRS – Data management in ethnografic research

developed by the Collaborative Research Centre 1171 Affective Societies at Freie Universität Berlin,

published December 2023