This page illustrates what a front page of an online reference work created with OES might look like.

OES Demo application (OES Demo)

OES Demo (this application) is an exemplary (fictional) online encyclopedia created with the Open Encyclopedia System (OES) framework to provide users a first-hand experience of OES functionalities and features. OES is an open source, standardised online platform for creating, publishing and maintaining online encyclopedias (and other works of reference) in the fields of the Humanities and the Social Sciences. For more information on the OES framework and current OES applications visit the Open Encyclopedia System website. The OES Demo encyclopedia consists of an editorial layer (WordPress Plugin) to administrate and edit content or configure OES features, a website (WordPress Theme) to display the content and an exemplary data model including sample data. The OES framework can be used to realise a customised online reference work. See About OES Demo on different ways to use the OES Demo application. Please note:  The sole purpose of articles on prominent works of reference (section Articles:Reference Works) and related data is to provide content for the sample encylopedia, whereas articles in the section Articles:OES Applications describe current applications of the OES framework.  

OES Applications

Several online reference works are realised using the OES framework, ranging from online encyclopedia to online handbook. Click on the links below to access their websites or read more about the OES applications in our exemplary articles.

Featured Article : Encyclopædia Britannica
The Encyclopædia Britannica is the oldest English-language general encyclopedia and was first published in 1768 in Edinburgh. The Encyclopædia Britannica relies “upon both outside experts and its own editors with various subject-area proficiencies to write its entries, and has a long-held reputation for readability and accuracy." In 2012, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. announced that future printings would be discontinued and replaced by digital products.

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